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Bonus: 21-Day Networking Challenge

As a thank you for purchasing this book, you’ll receive exclusive access to the Raise Your Profile online course. Within this free course, you’ll find exercises, checklists, and other resources to support you along your entrepreneurial journey. If you haven’t already ordered your copy of the book, be sure to click on the link below!
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    Access a training video that will help you build better habits, find a supportive network, and create success in your business sooner rather than later.

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    Receive a workbook that includes exercises, checklists, and note pages so that you can begin building your customized networking strategy.

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    Meet female entrepreneurs who are looking to connect, collaborate, and grow their networks in the Workneting Social Circle.

Meet Your Host

Lisa Raquet

Lisa Raquet is the founder of Workneting Academy, an educational platform designed for women who want to raise their profile and elevate their networks. As a networking coach, she is passionate about teaching women how to grow their businesses by creating a network that supports their future success. After finding her passion on stage, she decided to leave her job in event planning to become a speaker, author, and coach. Since then, she has been a featured speaker for Disrupt HR, and is the author of "The Entrepreneur Network: Habits to Raise Your Profile and Increase Your Net Worth".

Raise Your Profile Is For You If...

  • You want to apply the success habits you learned in the book

  • You want to make a better first impression through conversation

  • You want to surround yourself with people who support your work

  • You want to create more visibility for your business

  • You want to create better results for yourself